Tangy Bean Dip Recipe

Yummy tangy bean dip recipe made with black beans, corn, tomato, wolfberries, juva powder, cilantro, citrus fresh oil from young living essential oils.....

Tangy Bean Dip Recipe - Young Living Essential Oils

1 can of black beans, thoroughly rinse
1 red bell pepper, diced
1 can of niblet corn, drained
Juice of one lime
½ c. Young Living dried wolfberries
3 drops of Young Living Citrus Fresh oil
1 avocado, pealed and diced
1 Tbsp. Of Young living Juva Power, or Juva Spice Bunch of cilantro
1 coarsely chopped tomato

Combine beans, corn, wolfberries, avocado, bell pepper, cilantro, and tomato. Squeeze lime over mixture. Add Citrus Fresh essential oil and Juva Spice or Juva Power. Toss and serve with baked chips or crackers.

Makes 5 cups.

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