Best Fried Moist Chicken Ever!

by Donna Siniard
(Rome, Ga USA)

I have cooked chicken forever in search of the perfect but somewhat healthy recipe. This recipe gets raves and taste testing on my kids friends picked this everytime!

Soak Boneless Skinless Breast in cold water in fridge overnight. Pat dry the next day. Put 2 cups of flour in a ziplock bag with salt and pepper. Use cast iron skillet. Spray a little cooking spray in pan. Warm up then use Virgin Olive Oil in skillet.Fill skillet about 1/2 inch with oil. Heat skillet at high medium. To check if ready flick a little water. If it sizzles it's ready.Drop chick in flour bag, toss throughly. Place in hot oil. Do NOT overfill the skillet. I cook about 3 breast in the large skillet at a time. Cook about 15 minutes on each side. Drain on a rack with paper underneath but not touching the chicken. Some ppl like spices in flour mix. You can add garlic salt, paparika, onion salt, or hot sauce for spicy flavor.You can warm in the oven on cookie sheet if needed. Some ppl add a little cornmeal or corn starch. I like the recipe how it is above.. The only thing I add sometimes is a lil cut up onion to the mix. This is the Best Moist Fried Chicken Ever!!!

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