Cooking for a Crowd
Large Quanity Recipes for a Group,

Cooking for a Crowd Recipes for large group or need large quanity recipes and menus, breakfast, lunch & dinner recipes that are easy crowd pleasing recipes for a crowd. Is it a big party, a family gathering, a wedding, an anniversay party, and special event. Here are helpful tips and ideas to help make your party a success.

Looking for and need some appetizers for a crowd at your next party, event, holiday or wedding. Find crowd pleaser large cake recipes, and other desserts for a crowd. Find recipes to bake cookies for a crowd.

Portions and Meal Planning

After selecting the menu and sending out the invitations the question comes to: How much to make and what size should a portion size be? and in need of easy recipes for a crowd? General Catering rules for portion size(per person):


  • Appetizers 8 to 10 pieces per person

  • Salsa and dips 1/3 cup per person

  • Soup 1 cup per person

  • Salad about 1 cup or 3 ounces

  • Starch like potato, rice or pasta 5 ounces

  • Main course or meat 6 ounces

  • Dessert 1 to 1 1/2 pieces

Calculate the portion size(per person) X the amount of people = total amount needed. This will give you a rough idea of what you need food wise.


Beer, cocktails and wine

  • 2 drinks a person per hour.


  • One gallon of punch for every 10 guest

Suggested Menus/Recipes for a Crowd:

Pulled Pork for a Crowd

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