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By making your own pizza recipes from scratch give you the control of your toppings so you could make a healthier pizza. Or just add that extra cheese topping.

Pizza is a world-popular dish of Italian origin, made with an oven-baked, flat, generally round bread that is often covered with tomatoes or a tomato-based sauce and mozzarella cheese. Other toppings are added according to region and culture.

Types of Popular Pizzas

New York-style pizza is a style originally developed in New York City by immigrants from Naples, where pizza was created. It is often sold in generously sized, thin and flexible slices. It is traditionally hand-tossed, moderate on sauce, and moderately covered with cheese.

Neapolitan made with a relatively thin, circular crust and served in wedge-shaped slices, and “Sicilian”, or “square”, made with a thicker, rectangular crust and served in large, rectangular slices.

Greek pizza It has a thicker, chewier crust and is baked in a pan in the pizza oven, instead of directly on the bricks. Plain olive oil is a common part of the topping, as well as being liberally used to grease the pans and crisp the crust. Variations in other parts of the country include using feta cheese, Kalamata olives, and Greek herbs such as oregano.

Dessert Pizza has a medium crust sometimes topped frosting, cinnamon, chocolate chips, marshmellows, nuts, fruit and more.
Blueberry dessert pizza Fruit dessert pizza

Chicago-style deep-dish pizza Chicago-style pizza contains a crust which is formed up the sides of a deep-dish pan. It reverses the order of some ingredients, using crust, cheese, filling, then sauce on top. Some versions (usually referred to as stuffed) have two layers of crust with the sauce on top.

California-style pizza refers to pizza with non-traditional ingredients, especially those that use a considerable amount of fresh produce.

Hawaiian pizza has “Canadian bacon” (or sliced ham) and pineapple toppings with Mozzarella cheese.

Grilled pizza, is a great way to make pizza with a fire paked taste. Usually done in the summer time. It has a fairly thin crust cooked directly on the grill; the toppings are placed on the baked side after the pizza has cooked for a bit and been flipped over.

English muffin, French bread pizza and Bagels pizza are common convenience pizzas made at home in an oven or toaster, usually with a simple topping of tomato sauce, sliced or shredded cheese, and perhaps pepperoni.

Frozen pizza normal a easy prepackaged food you pop in the oven and bake. The crust is normal lightly baked half way through.

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Pizza Dough Recipes

Banana Bread pizza dough

Chicago Style Dough

Easy Pizza Dough Recipes

New York Style Pizza

Sicillian Pizza Dough

Thin Crust Pizza

Whole Wheat Dough

Zucchini Dough

Dessert Pizzas

Blueberry dessert pizza picture
Blueberry dessert pizza

Fruit dessert pizza

Pizza Sauces & Oils

Pizza sauce is most commonly a tomato base sauce with thyme, basil, sage, marjoram, savory and oregano. Infused oil and a great way to flavor the dough for pizza or breadsticks before adding the tomato sauce. These oil keep well in refrigator for a longtime.

Cooked Pizza Sauce

Uncooked Pizza Sauce

California Oil Sauce

Garlic Oil Sauce

Southwestern Oil Sauce

Pizza Toppings & Pizza Recipes

What kind of toppings are you looking for?

Canadian Pizza Toppings by W. Clements

BBQ Chicken

Breakfast Pizzas

California Pizza

Canadian Pizza

Chicago Style Pizza

Grilled Pizzas

Hawaiian Pizza

Mexican Pizza

Pesto Pizza

Philly Cheesesteak Pizza

Pita Pizza

Seafood Pizza

Sicilian pizza

Taco Pizza

Tez-Mez Pizza

List of possible toppings to add to your pizza meal.

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