Homemade Gift Ideas maded "Easy"

Creative & free unique gift ideas for homemade gifts, crafts, gift baskets or gifts in a jar. With a few simple tips & recipes you will find that these easy to make gifts are cost effective and makes a good & simple unique gift.

Remember everybody loves food from cookies, breads, candy, snacks and etc... And thats "why" it makes the perfect gifts that comes from the heart.

What or who is the special gift for?

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Gift Ideas - Gifts in a Jar & box - Money Saving Tips

  1. Save your empty spagetti sauce jars or similar size jars.
  2. Don't buy label use a 3x5 inch Index cards fold in half so that lines are on the inside. On the outside of the card write To: and From: and decorate using a stamper w/Metallic Ink snd/or color to match project or stickers. Punch a hole in upper lefthand corner next to fold. Inside where the lines are write in the recipe directions. Use a ribbon or several strings of raffa to tie on making a bow.
  3. Don't what till last minute buy when you see things sale like: jars, baskets, ribbon, fabric, Zipper bags or try your local Bargin store.
  4. Use wrapping paper or alumium foil to wrap a small used box or use a Small gift box. With a top and bottom to make 2 tray you would are cover inside and out with alumium foil or wrapping paper. Then fill zipper bags neatly with a stack of cookies to fit into box top or bottomlike presents but one of the other side of box.

Homemaded Gift Recipes Ideas

Gifts In a Jar Recipes

Cookie Recipes

Bread Recipes

Flavored & Colored Sugar Recipes

Special Little Somethings to Make Your Gift More Special

  1. Tie on a few cookie cutters to match the occasion.
  2. Tie on a wooden spoon.
  3. Cut out a 8 inch circle of fabric to place on top of jar wrap a ribbon to tie it on in a bow. Don't forget the label.
  4. Bake 3 to 4 different type of cookie wrapped in a zipper bag or saran wrap to put into a open top box. See above description. Tie with a 2 inch wipe ribbon total around box or jar top to decorate
  5. Make a little recipe book of 3 to 5 recipes named "My Favorite Recipes" on cover use a hole punch and punch a few holes on the side evenly apart thread thru ribbon and tie so when they open up just like a book.

Gift Baskets Suggestions

    Think fo who this gift is for: Mom, Dad, Sibling, Family & etc...


    For my Mom I would add Flavored Teas, Flavored Honey, 2-tea cup, 2 or 3 different types of cookies, scones, small loaf of banana bread, Dish towel with a theme on it, book etc..

    For My little boy who is 3 I would add 2 or 3 types of Cookies with 4 to 5 per bag, his flavor juice box drinks 2 or 3 of them sometimes a pillow case still in wrapping from store of his favorite character, colorbooks, Crayons, Play Dinosaurs & car etc...

    For a little girl I would add 2 or 3 types of Cookies with 4 to 5 per bag colored sugar(see recipe) for her cereal, cookie,flavor juice box drinks 2 or 3 of them Colorbooks, crayons, Princess accessories etc...

    The sky is the limit!!!
    Let you imagination help you mold the gift to the person whom you are giving it to.
    Asking your self? What do they like? What are there hobbies/sports? What are there Dreams?